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Najma Merchant Art

Bandra, Mumbai Scenes - Art On Paper - Original Painting 11" X 14"

Bandra, Mumbai Scenes - Art On Paper - Original Painting 11" X 14"

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Abstract Art Original Painting On Paper

Painted this on Cartridge paper with inks and acrylic paints - the mangrove forest at Carter Road , Bandra.

SIze 11" X 16" - Unframed

Some interesting facts I’ve gathered on Mangroves -
Mangrove forests grow in creeks, estuaries, bays and lagoons and in inter-tidal areas – area between the high tide and the low tide. Their ecosystem is believed to have evolved around 114 million years back in tropical and subtropical regions and India has 3% (4,740 sq km) of the world’s mangrove cover. Maharashtra is the only state to have a dedicated cell protecting its mangrove cover. Mangroves are under threat from developmental projects and we are failing to understand the value of safeguarding the coastline from disasters.
Mangroves play an import role in coastal and intertidal ecosystems, fostering a range of biodiversity in addition to other ecosystem services including protection from flooding and storm surges, helping soil stabilization, and being valuable carbon sinks.-- For metropolitan cities like Mumbai that are vulnerable to climate change, they are significant in mitigating its adverse impacts.
- The good news is more than half of the state’s total mangrove cover was protected as a legal ‘forest’ at the end of 2021, up from 30% at the beginning of that year.
The mangroves at Carter Road get cleaned up by citizens often, unfortunately has been a site for illegal dumping but with pushback of citizens and organizations I’m happy to see they have been protected by the efforts of many especially as the massive mumbai coastal road project is underway. Losing it would have been a tragedy for the city and residents of the area !

Please note that colors may vary minimally depending on your monitor.

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