Create memories that last a lifetime with your own special wedding invites. Designed in a personalized style just for you!

I would love to create that special custom wedding invitation especially for you! 

Let's Start

Your planned wedding events lead the way in designing invite requirements.

We will go over a variety of color schemes based on the color palette for your event with any swatches you can provide. 

Going through my instagram feed @najmamerchantart might also give you an idea of various color palettes I have painted with as well as my art style.

Process Details

Throughout the process I will send digital photos and maybe process videos to keep you updated with all details and progress. Always making sure we stay on track with what you envisioned.

Once I have your approval, the final digital package can be uploaded in the format previously decided.

Contact me via email for all prices and payment options. Just click the contact button.

Keep in mind I am most comfortable painting in an abstract expressionistic style. Visit my Instagram and website to take a look at some of my work over the last few years for your inspiration. 

Look forward to creating an unique and exclusive design just for your special day .

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  • An artwork commission is a personalized experience quite different for everyone.

  • Painting in an abstract expressionist style and working with clients to achieve the setting they desire in their home decor.

  • Bold contrast of colors as well as dreamy pastels - all find a place in my art.

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